ActiveCampaign – The #1 Automation Platform?

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ActiveCampaign - The #1 Automation Platform?

What is ActiveCampaign:

ActiveCampaign is a customer experience automation tool. It is a hub of different sub tools and features.

What can we do with ActiveCampaign?

  • Send Emails to your leads (Or customers)
  • Send Text Messages to your leads (Using third party inbuilt integrations, such as Twilio)
  • Manage purchase details of the leads (ActiveCampaign has in-built to store order data)
  • Offer live chat to on your website (Using ActiveCampaign Conversations)
  • Create landing pages (Using ActiveCampaign landing pages)
  • Personalize landing pages according to lead or customer (Using web personalization)
  • Create, Manage and Start Marketing Automations
  • CRM System (Create deals and assign deals to the team)

I will try to cover what and how about different feature of ActiveCampaign in brief below.

Please note:

In ActiveCampaign, leads are called as contacts

Recommended unique value = email address of the contact

How do I send email using ActiveCampaign?

There are two different ways to send emails in ActiveCampaign:

  • Within an Automation
  • Send email to the people on your list

An email can be included as a step within an automation, so whenever the contact reaches that step in the automation, email will be sent to the contact.


You can always create an email campaign, and send it to the contacts on the go, or even schedule that for later.

How do I get contacts into ActiveCampaign?

There are many ways to get contacts into ActiveCampaign, few of the widely used are:

  • Import using CSV files (More filetypes available)
  • Bulk import API (With some threshold)
  • Using ActiveCampaign Forms (You can publish forms on different websites)
  • Using ActiveCampaign landing pages
  • Using ActiveCampaign API

How do I get contacts into different lists?

You can add contacts into different lists while:

  • Importing
  • Creating with API
  • From an automation
  • Manually, by selecting single or multiple contacts

How do I send text message to the contact?

It’s simple, all you have to do is add a step to send text message within the automation. You can customize the text message and include the contact’s data in it as well.

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How do I trigger the automations?

Automation for a contact can be triggered on different scenarios and events, some of them could be such as:

  • When a tag is applied
  • When contact visits a webpage
  • When contact submit a form
  • and many more

For general overview of automations checkout this url here.

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Can I have multiple users in ActiveCampaign?

Yes, there can be multiple users in ActiveCampaign for an organizations. Contacts can be distributed among users based on lists, round robin and many more ways.

We can create different user groups and assign different features/access rules to the user groups. Contact lists can be assigned to user groups.

Any cons of ActiveCampaign?

Personally, I have I have experienced two issues with ActiveCampaign:

  • We cannot add a contact into a list using the API or automation, if that contact has unsubscribed from your list in the past (An approach to avoid spam, but can have zero to some impact your requirements)
  • Sometimes there is high response time for the update contact API endpoint when updating multiple fields

How is the support for ActiveCampaign?

I love the ActiveCampaign’s ‘Live Chat’ option with the support, instead of long wait times over email responses or phone calls with any support teams.

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